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Since 1999, Return To Work Partners has been assisting employers to comply with the full range of state and federal disability compliance laws and regulations, including the Fair Employment Housing Act, Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, California workers’ compensation laws, California Family Rights Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act.

Our consultants bring executive-level experience managing the full spectrum of disability compliance and human resource programs and processes. This knowledge base is critical in providing our clients with the support necessary to fully manage disability compliance issues that are so often intertwined with risk management, human resources and collective bargaining issues.

We have helped employers save time, resources and needless litigation costs. This has been achieved by assisting employers and employees in navigating the complex issues and process associated with disabilities in the workplace.

Our area of expertise consist of assisting employers in taking a proactive approach in dealing with industrial and non-industrial disabilities in the workplace. We have found that there is a definite need for early intervention to meet the various compliance requirements, as mandated by State and Federal employment laws.

This can easily be achieved by empowering employers with the tools and knowledge they can immediately implement to deal with work related injuries/non-work related disabilities at the frontlines.

This is a challenging time for California employers on many fronts. Staying current and compliant on state human resources, workers’ compensation and payroll regulations alone is demanding for employers of all sizes. For many, maintaining the knowledge base and making the necessary time available to properly manage state and federal disability laws is simply too much. Unfortunately, the financial cost to an organization for failing to manage disability compliance laws and regulations can be larger than any other personnel violation.

Compliance is not an option, it is a necessity of all risk management strategies and Return to Work Partners can help.

There are no specific policies or procedures that employers must follow when trying to accommodate an employee with a disability. Developing formal protocols can significantly ease the process of providing reasonable accommodations to qualified employees. With formal policies and procedures to refer to, Supervisors, managers, and HR professionals are more likely to handle accommodation requests properly and consistently. Sharing these policies with employees can also help them know what to expect when requesting accommodations, and can help them understand that other employees might be requesting and receiving accommodations. Having formal policies and procedures in place will also help employers document their efforts to comply with federal and state regulations for reasonable accommodation.

Our team of professionals serve as a neutral party in facilitating the interactive process to determine ADA and FEHA accommodation needs. By engaging in an interactive meeting between management and the company’s workers, we can help organizations develop fair policies that keep with the spirit and intent of the law.

Join the hundreds of California employers who decided to partner with us to deliver their disability management plans to reduce liability and protect from unnecessary lawsuits, government fines, and state penalties. Our experienced consultants will ensure that your company is not only compliant, but that the processes used support your organizational culture and overall human resource goals.

DISCLAIMER: The information and materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. This brief outline of your disability compliance obligations is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in a highly summarized manner in regard to the subject matter covered on this website. They provide the reader / end user with the understanding that the publisher of this information is not engaged in rendering legal advice / services. If legal assistance is required, the services of competent legal professionals should always be sought.

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