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Mandates A Good Faith Interactive Process

“Employers must engage in a good faith interactive process with employees and candidates who have disabilities to determine the appropriate reasonable accommodations that might overcome the employee’s / applicant’s job limitations.”

This is a stand-alone statutory requirement.

Source: Fair Employment and Housing Act-FEHA (Government Code § 12940(n)

Return To Work Partners specializes in facilitating the Interactive Process in compliance with the Fair Employment Housing Act (F.E.H.A.). We can help your organization navigate through work restrictions, reasonable accommodations requests and your obligations as an employer in California.

  • Do you need your Job Descriptions / Essential Functions Job Analyses UPDATED? We can help! Over the past 19 years we have developed thousands of Essential Functions Job Analyses for various organizations. We have the experience and knowledge to upgrade your current job descriptions into A.D.A. /F.E.H.A. compliant documents that work.

  • Do you need an evaluation or upgrade of your current Reasonable Accommodation / Interactive Process Policies? We can help! We have developed a series of pre-formatted letters and forms that will bring uniformity and compliance to your reasonable accommodation process.

  • Do you have a Return to work Program that works? We can help with an Integrated Return To Work / Stay At Work program development, transitional work job descriptions, program development and monitoring.

  • Do you have an employee with disability related situation that needs to be addressed or needs some direction? We can help! Let us at Return To Work Partners provide you with a Disability Compliance Assessment (D.C.A.). A Disability Compliance Assessment will quickly audit your current situation, your legal obligations, risk factors and give you a plan of action that will bring your current disability compliance situation to an amicable resolution.

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, we can help. We want to be your go to resource for any of your current and future disability compliance needs. Whether it is F.E.H.A., A.D.A., F.M.L.A., C.F.R.A. or P.D.L. compliance issue, we can help!

Return To Work Partners has developed several 90 minute training sessions that will provide your team with the tools and knowledge to properly handle your industrial and non-industrial disability compliance related matters.

We are solution based consultants. We can train you to implement tools that will address complex disability compliance issues in the workplace. A few simple steps prior to taking a negative employment action can save your organization thousands of dollars in unnecessary litigation and legal fees.

Examples of topics covered in our complimentary training, can include:

  • Fair Employment Housing Act / Americans with Disabilities Act (F.E.H.A. / A.D.A.) 101

  • The Why? When? How? Essential Functions Job Analyses / Job Descriptions

  • The Why? When? How? Of the Interactive Process / Accommodation Meetings

  • Exploration of Modified / Alternate Work & Temporary Modified Work

  • Establishing a successful Return To Work Program

  • Navigating Workers’ Compensation and the F.E.H.A. Overlap

These are just a few examples of topics we can address with your team. If you are interested in setting up a training seminar or an assessment of your current program, give us a call directly at 877.984.7969.

DISCLAIMER: The information and materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. This brief outline of your disability compliance obligations is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in a highly summarized manner in regard to the subject matter covered on this website. They provide the reader / end user with the understanding that the publisher of this information is not engaged in rendering legal advice / services. If legal assistance is required, the services of competent legal professionals should always be sought.

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