Ergonomic Evaluation, Equipment Sales, Installations and Training

We are a full service Ergonomic Evaluation Service Provider.

  • We provide individual ergonomic assessments and department group assessments.

  • We provide competitive quotes for ergonomic equipment recommended, as outlined in our detailed evaluation reports.

  • We arrange for purchase and delivery of ergonomic equipment.

  • We install ergonomic equipment recommended, upon approval.

  • We provide employees with training on how to properly use ergonomic equipment being provided.

  • We assist with staff moves and relocation of ergonomic equipment.

  • We assist with repairs and replacement parts for key ergonomic components ie. chairs, keyboard trays, monitor arms, headsets etc…

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Ergonomic Equipment Catalogue

Description Published Link
Wrist Rests Jun 2018 Wrist_Rests.pdf
Telephone Headsets Jun 2018 Telephone_Headsets.pdf
Office Equipment Jun 2018 Office_Equipment.pdf
Monitor Arms - Mounts - Stands Jun 2018 Monitor_Arms_Mounts_Stands.pdf
Miscellaneous Jun 2018 Miscellaneous.pdf
Mice - Mouse Jun 2018 Mice_Mouse.pdf
Mice - Mouse Platforms Jun 2018 Mice_Mouse_Platforms.pdf
Keyboard Trays Jun 2018 Keyboard_Trays.pdf
Height Adjustable Desks Jun 2018 Height_Adjustable_Desks.pdf
Footrests Jun 2018 Footrest.pdf
Floor Mats Jun 2018 Floor_Mats.pdf
Ergonomic Office Chairs Jun 2018 Ergonomic_Office_Chairs.pdf
Ergonomic Lighting Jun 2018 Ergonomic_Lighting.pdf
Drafting Chairs Jun 2018 Drafting_Chairs.pdf
Document Holders Jun 2018 document_holders.pdf
CPU Holders Jun 2018 CPU_Holder.pdf
Chair Accessories Jun 2018 Chair_Accessories.pdf
Anti Glare & Privacy Screens Jun 2018 Anti_Glare_Privacy_Screens.pdf

Description Published Link
Remote Chair Fitting Form Jun 2018 ERGO_REMOTE_CHAIR_FITTING_FORM.pdf
How to Select an Ergonomic Chair Jun 2018 Selecting_an_ergo_chair.pdf
Ergonomic Guidelines / Tip Sheet Jun 2018 Bacis_Ergonomic_Guidelines.pdf
Employee Self-Assessment Form Jun 2018 Ergo-Self-Assessment-06-09-2018-ESA.pdf

Return To Work Partners also has bilingual staff (Spanish) available for all services.

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